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Septic Inspection

If you are buying a new home, a septic inspection is just as vital as your home inspection.

An inspection of the septic system will explore the entire structure to determine the past, present, and future conditions of the system. Video technology enables a better look at current and previous usage levels with minimal mess.

The tank is dug up to see the condition it is in. Then we take a look at the distribution box to make sure it is in working condition as well as the leaching system to make sure it is structurally sound, and all observations are recorded in a thorough report that all customers receive a copy of.

This report will detail everything you need to know. It is necessary that the septic tank be pumped and cleaned at the time of inspection to allow for a more accurate inspection. If this is for the sale of a home, the seller usually pays for the pumpout and the buyer pays for the inspection.

The benefit of a septic inspection during the home-buying process is that if a repair is found necessary, it is the seller’s responsibility to remedy the problem.

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