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Finkeldey Septic has been taking out old, failed septic systems for over 40 years! We are all extremely knowledgeable and prepared to schedule your septic installation. Whether it be that you need to replace your failed system, or install a new system for a new construction, we are your guys! We provide a variety of quality services to ensure your home’s septic system is working properly and stays that way.

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Septic Installation

A septic installation can be one of the most expensive home improvement costs a homeowner can encounter.

Finkeldey Septic’s top-notch equipment and experienced staff ensure a smooth installation of your septic system. Educated in the variables that will affect the lifespan of your septic tank, Finkeldey Septic will apply their knowledge in soil conditions, water tables, and equipment used during your installation process to ensure you are getting the right sized tank and proper installation.

Sometimes a full installation isn’t needed and the simple fix is to collapse a broken tank or invading tree roots. Whatever the issue is, you can be sure that Finkeldey’s staff will suggest the appropriate solution without overcharging.

All septic systems are installed to proper code with permits. An as-built will be made after the installation which tells whoever needs to know, exactly where the septic system is located.

Finkeldey staff pull all permits and then inspections are conducted by local health departments and the town sanitarians. Making it as smooth for the customer as possible.

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