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Finkeldey Septic is always prepared to schedule your septic repair, installation, inspection or septic care. We provide a variety of quality services to ensure your home’s septic system is working properly and stays that way.

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Finkeldey Septic offers superb septic maintenance and care. Using a process known as line jetting, we utilize ultra-high-pressure water cleaning to unclog plumbing pipes and drain line systems.

This technique, used in practically every industry, is an inexpensive alternative to repairing a failing septic system.

It is recommended that your septic tank be pumped every three to five years, depending on usage and the size of your tank.

The most common cause of septic failure is a lack of maintenance. If the septic tank isn’t cleaned regularly, solids will eventually pass into the leaching field, plugging up the stone and soil. This could lead to premature septic failure or even sewage backup into the house.

It is recommended to install an outlet filter in order to prevent leakage and to prevent any unwanted issues or costly repairs.

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