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Soil testing is required when your septic system fails and it is recommended that you redo the entire septic system. An appointment with the town Sanitarian present is necessary. Soil testing is done to see how fast the perc is in the soil for a new septic system. Soil tests are vital to see how fast the leaching system flows into the septic tank. This will determine what type of leaching system is needed for your engineered plan. Contact us to get your soil tested!

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Soil Testing Services

Are you looking for soil testing services for your septic system near Essex, CT? Finkeldey Septic has 40+ years of experience with all things septic.

If you need to check and see if your property is suitable for a septic system, then you need soil testing. The town health department requires it. It can tell you how the system flows into the septic tank system.

Essentially, soil testing tells you if the soil can absorb the liquid that will flow through it. If it can’t, then it will get backed up. There also has to be enough room between the bottom of the septic system pipes and the soil.

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